皇冠买球APP的目标是为所有学生提供优秀的教育, 改变他们的生活机会, 反过来, 为他们提供未来塑造世界所需的知识和技能.


课程: 皇冠买球APP的课程是传统的和学术性的, demonstrated by our commitment to the principle that all students should attain the 英语 Baccalaureate as well as the wide variety of additional subjects available for all to study at GCSE and in the 六年级. We believe that this broad and balanced diet will provide all students with the cultural capital required to build the foundations of a successful life. At the heart of this curriculum lies a respect for the subjects we teach and the particular insights each can give into the world around us.

教与学: 皇冠买球APP的课程和评估模式是基于最新的认知科学, 鼓励建立丰富的模式和累积的教育方法,最好地支持更深层次的教育, 终身学习. We teach children how to be active consumers of the knowledge they master by developing an open and questioning mindset. By focusing on ‘The best that has been thought and said’ we will encourage our students to fully appreciate the richness of the human condition and become active citizens when they leave us as adults.

文化资本: The experiences our students have do not end in the classroom; we value the extra-curricular and these activities enable our students to flourish as individuals and pursue their own talents and passions in greater depth, 在艺术领域, 科学和体育领域. 皇冠买球APP的学生领导途径是高度发达的,支持皇冠买球APP发展整个孩子的意图.

培养终身学习者: Our curriculum vision is metacognitive; by using Thinking tools the Thinking Schools Academy信托基金 are unique in their focus on ensuring that students are equipped with the tools they need to reflect on the knowledge they learn. 结果是, the Rochester Grammar School is recognised by Exeter University as one of the few Advanced Thinking Schools in the country and is pioneering the use of a cognitive approach to education and student learning.


Students start the Rochester Grammar School with a broad and balanced three year Key Stage 3 which allows students to study a range of subjects and embodies our commitment to provide students with the cultural capital required to be successful. During this time students are supported in their transition to a secondary school curriculum with the support of specialist teachers and introduced to their thinkers’ toolkit allowing them to process and memorise new knowledge, 深入思考他们所研究的问题,并从不同的角度审视主题.

当学生进入9年级时,他们开始进行基于探究的学习, allowing them to use their toolkit to explore big questions and come to carefully considered conclusions which forms an excellent transition towards their GCSE studies, 他们将得到支持, 在关键阶段团队和老师的帮助下, 决定适合自己的道路.

“老师们都很支持和鼓励我,他们帮助我尽我所能学习.' -梅根,七年级


Students are able to take a variety of different pathways at Key Stage Four however all students study the 英语 Baccalaureate as standard.  因此,所有学生都学习英语文学和语言, 数学, 科学, 历史或地理, 现代外语, RS和核心(未检查)PE和ICT.  所有学生都可以选择任何速成科目,如as电影或高等数学, 如果他们愿意.  此外,学生还可以从艺术和设计等一系列科目中选择另外两个选项, 商业研究, 计算机科学, 设计与技术, 戏剧, 地理位置, 历史, 音乐, PE, 心理学及社会学*.

鼓励学生通过结构化的复习笔记计划, cyclical assessments and regular retrieval practice to apply and refine their thinkers’ toolkit from Key Stage Three.  这是嵌入在他们的课程和复习计划.


所有7 - 11年级的学生, 每两周上一节PSHE课, PSHE课程采用主题螺旋方法, 符合PSHE协会的建议. This will be delivered by the House form tutor team and students will be in House year groups for PSHE lessons. Students will build on the knowledge and understanding they have acquired and developed at primary school through a sequenced, 适合年龄的课程.


As an 国际学士学位 school we are truly unique in this area of Kent and Medway by offering the world renowned and prestigious 国际学士学位 diploma.  IB旨在培养探究能力, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect and broad range of subjects it requires students to study supports our aim to provide all students with the cultural capital required to build the foundations of a successful life.  IB要求所有学生学习数学, 英语, 一门科学, a Humanity and provides the option to take a Creative subject or another 科学 or Humanity based subject dependent on the pathway students wish to follow Post 16.  学生们还学习知识理论这门迷人的课程, enabling them to question the world around them and complete an extended essay in an area of their personal interest, 鼓励皇冠买球APP努力提倡的终身学习技能.  Almost all our students decide to apply for University or an apprenticeship and consistently gain places in the most prestigious institutions both in the UK and around the world.

Students’ academic studies at Post 16 are complemented by the extra-curricular opportunities and IB learner profile that is intrinsically linked to their studies.  作为文凭课程的一部分,学生必须在CAS(社区行动与服务)下完成一些小时的学习。.  This enables them to access the wide variety of opportunities on offer to sixth formers at the Rochester Grammar School such as Trips and Visits, 学生领导, 团队项目(爱丁堡公爵, nc等.)和参与学校举办的课外活动.

如欲了解更多有关六年级课程的详细资料,请参阅皇冠买球APP的 中六区 本网站


皇冠买球官网手机版’s duties with regards to equality are in eliminating discrimination and other conduct that is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010. 这是通过培养良好的关系来实现的, promoting equality of opportunity between people and offering a broad and diverse curriculum that is accessible by all pupils.

皇冠买球官网手机版旨在促进学生的精神, 道德, 社会, 文化发展, 特别强调促进平等, 多样性和消除对学生和工作人员的偏见事件. 皇冠买球APP学校不仅致力于消除歧视, 同时也增进了对多样性的理解和欣赏.

We aim to continuously review and improve the implementation of equality related policies and procedures along with our whole school curriculum. 这确保了它继续为所有学生带来出色的结果, 没有种族歧视, 性别, 残疾, 宗教/信仰, 性取向或年龄.

皇冠买球官网手机版, 所有的老师都是SEND的老师,对所有学生的进步和发展负责. 质量第一的教学是皇冠买球APP支持学生的第一步. 教师与SENCo合作实施毕业方法(评估, 计划, do, 审查),以确保学生的需求得到满足,课程是可访问的. 皇冠买球APP所做的调整包括但不限于:

  • 区分课程,确保所有学生都能读懂
  • 调整班级资源
  • 使用推荐的辅助工具(如彩色图层和笔记本电脑)
  • 根据JCQ规定实施访问安排
  • 调整皇冠买球APP的教学,以支持对每个SEND学生的个人概况的建议

If stakeholders would like further information of any aspect of our curriculum please contact the school office at office@iar.www.safqah.net